Tuesday 30 October 2012


Indian culture or the Hindu culture whatever you say, is being misused by a lot of family. People ignore the main reasons behind the rituals. The most effected one within all of them is marriage. Some use it for their benefit and some fall in the traps of them. In all this the girl’s family is affected the most. They go to an ultimate position to maintain the pride and honour of the family or to ensure a false security and respect in her in-laws. Whatever anybody calls it, but I call it hypocrisy.

I am a Bengali girl in her marriageable age. I am my parents’ only daughter. My father died 3 years ago. Since my mom was a teacher in a private school she had managed most of the things. But my marriage is a big responsibility on her shoulders that she thinks would be hard to accomplish. Since I am a working woman too, our family finances are quite stable, but that doesn't change the peer pressure over us.

A marriage comes with an enormous list of expenses, especially on the girl’s family. With the price rise on high every commodity is too expensive. Whether you are doing arrangements for catering or preparing for “havan” you have to check all the minute details. There will be a long roll of gift items for the in-laws. Bridal grooming should have a lot of gold jewelry. Does anyone know the gold price? Does any one ever think that how an average middle class family can afford all this? Can anyone tell the meaning of the “shloks” recited during the “havan” or why a “havan” is performed? What is the relation between the foods served in a marriage with girl’s family status? If dowry is illegal, then why anybody should ask for gifts?

A marriage becomes a gossip ground. Air filled with criticisms. The in-laws fighting for silly things and insult the bride’s family. There is an endless list of complains about the quality of clothes, the food, and so on. Their behaviors levy the fact that having daughter is a curse. They try to impose that any violation is an act of disbelief toward the Indian culture. All these are the work of Moral police and selfish people who in the name of culture loot people around them.

It may not end here. Excluding all the after marriage demands, the great problem knocks the door when your daughter gets pregnant. In her third trimester she is sent to her parents’ house where she is most pampered, but it got a dark side too. Some in-laws do so to avoid the expense and responsibility of the maternity homes and the afterbirth concerns. How immoral that can be.

I am against all this. Call me a feminist or what so ever, but I am just a normal girl who just wants a simple marriage. I don’t want to spend a great heap of money to impress anyone. Like me the person who I am not by how much I can spend. My morals, sacra-mentality, ethics and deeds should be the reason of choosing me. My parents also have faced the same hardship as the boy’s. There are no reasons to put my head down and do all the silly things to maintain a false dignity/status.


The divorce rate is rising in India. The specter of divorce is haunting us all. From Kolkata to Chennai or Punjab to Kerala, the upper classes to the middle classes or metros to semi-urban areas, all are affected by it. Why is this sudden increase in the divorce rate? A lot of variable are acting here. Today’s India has learned to accept the divorces. The parents of the divorced daughters have started to believe that their daughter can also have a life after marriage or without a husband. Women have become financially independent. They have learned to provide reasons to all those judgmental friends and relatives queries. Their moral empowerment helps them to end an abusive relationship, ignoring all the hurdles they may face in the future. Couples have learned to give each other enough time to understand their differences before deciding to become parents.  So that they can get separated it they don’t feel compatible and are also, not held back by the fear of its impact on children.

The drastic change in today’s working environment has created a lot of impact on relationships. In most of the cases both individuals (husband and wife) are working professionals. The increasing competition between different companies, create a huge stress on the individuals. This stress can build frustration and tension which may destroy a marriage, whether one partner is working, or both of them. If a man marries a working woman he should prepare his mind to share the household works too. But it happens rarely. Men tend to think women’s career a temporary thing whereas women expect their husbands to do household works. If wife is working late they expect their husband to manage the home although it’s a myth. In some instances where wife earns more than husband, creates inferiority complex in husband and sometime wife starts to think of their husband, less worthy.

But if anybody thinks that to resolve this problem wife should sacrifice her career and liberty, then they are absolutely wrong. If it’s the only option, then why shouldn’t husbands do so? Though it’s not possible, as most of the men prefer, being the bread-winners. And, most women don’t want to get bonded again in the shackles of lost identity and ignorance. All these attitude problems give rise to divorce. Young generations are educated enough. They are well aware of the laws. They know how to retain their freedom. The whole thought process towards marriage have changed. People like to remain good friends after divorce than a bad husband/wife while married. Divorce is a cupcake for them; all it matters is a healthy life.

Monday 29 October 2012


Gone are those days when children used to believe that babies fall from the skies. In today’s world children are extra eager and curious. They are very conscious about every minute changes, whether in the surrounding or within their body. To acquire the knowledge regarding the change they can go to any extent and this is where teachers and parents should act. Most of the time young girls become really very conscious about their sudden physical change. They experience sexual changes, sexual desires, and sexual demands. Hormones rushing through their vein make the impatient. They tend to get themselves fooled by this. All the emotions jumbled they can’t distinguish between right or wrong. So if these changes are not channeled into an acceptable behavior, they might end up being the victims of early sexual experimentation, which may hurt them.

Most of the parents are not open to their children. They tend to force them to avoid all these or remark them as a bad thing. They try to keep an eye on them that whether they are mingling with any of opposite sex. But all these can’t suppress their curiosity. They search for other ways to fulfill their knowledge. They lay their hands on porn sites, which not only gives them a bad idea about everything but also push them into the darker sides. They might try out their friend or a bit seniors for further details. But all these will make the situation worse.

Parents and teachers should provide them with the sex education, the exact knowledge about everything. You can’t expect a 12 year old, first time menstruating girl, to understand or react maturely to what’s happening. Its a parent’s and teacher’s duty to let them know that sexual feelings are a natural part of growing up. It’s nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be ashamed of or nothing to be proud of. They should realize that social networking sites can be addictive and can also interfere with children’s studies. But to combat that parents and teachers cannot control the child's life, but can protect them by laying down some rules which will not only protect them, but will also provide them their space for enjoyment. Always try to hear what they want to say. Answer their queries well and ensure that they are well guided. Girls should be more aware of all this. They must be made aware of their sexuality and vulnerability. What are the taboos and why should they be followed? It’s very necessary for the parents and teachers to allow boys and girls to interact with each other from an early age so that when they are adults, the opposite sex is not a mystery that has to be unraveled. All these have to be done with extra care because you won’t want the child to say "yes mom" or "yes dad" or "yes mam" and do all those no-no stuffs at your back due to their ignorance.

Sex education for young adults has been ignored for a long time, which has already done a great damage. From a burgeoning AIDS crisis, to exponential population growth and young folk with repressed sexuality and stunted mentalities are the results of the ignorance. By taking a proper step at the proper time, may heal the bruises of the ignorance, brought in the society.

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Saturday 27 October 2012

I only get jealous because I love you

In true love there is no place for jealousy. Love is always so unconditional.  In a serious relationship like marriage jealousy can create a lot of problems. Jealousy is most of the time considered a female stuff, but after marriage it shifts its position. Post marriage jealousy and possessiveness are mostly referred by the male section as protectiveness.

A woman is bonded by a lot of factors after marriage. Along with her she has to manage her household works, her kids, in-laws and her husband. After taking care of all this, a very less time is left for her. At those times she prefers to go for an outing or travel somewhere or practice her hobbies. There might be some opposite sex friends with her same sex friends with whom she might want to go out with and this sometime brings chaos in her married life. Most of the husbands don’t like his wife having male friends, or be late at work or go for a night out or travel alone or with her friends only. They try to reason these activities with an excuse of her security and responsibilities. But it is not the whole truth. Their insecurity and jealousy are the main reasons.

The main question that arises in this kind of scenario is, if a boy can do all those stuff then, why a girl can’t. She is of the same age and matures enough to handle any problem. Why girls have to sacrifice her desires only? If she can take care of the house and its people all the time then, why can’t a boy does so for the sake of her happiness?

One should never forget that before being a married couple they are individuals. Nobody should take each other for granted or get involved so much that you tend to put pressure on the other to consider himself/herself as their world. There is no harm in hanging out with others. One should have the trust over his/her partner. Though a marriage is a big event in everybody’s life, but it’s not life. It’s good enough to take a break from your daily routine. It can give anybody the zeal to adapt and adjust in a better way. But there is no reason to act like a psycho or try to control your partner’s life. Everybody needs some of their personal space to live in peace of mind. But one thing should be taken care of that never change your priorities over night. One should get back to their usual life at the end of it.

Friday 26 October 2012


“Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot”
A well known quote from Groucho Marx describes the exact feeling of most of the men in our society. But the truth is a bit different. It might be hard to understand a woman, but not impossible. From the ages women are considered a mysterious character. The main reason behind it is their concealed personality and non-descriptive explanations of their feelings to her mate.

Studies prove that there are differences between ways of showing love of a woman and a man. This difference is not in the quantity of love for each other. Women generally tend to express her love by enacting fewer negative or antagonistic behaviors, whereas men show love by initiating sex, sharing leisure activities, and doing household work together with their wives. As she understands her life partner by the nature and behavior he shows toward issues, she also expects the vice versa. But it becomes harder for men to understand their women if she doesn’t speak out her mind clearly. And that turns out to be the biggest problem as most of the women are shy and their dignity doesn’t allow them to explain their desires to the fullest. So most of the guys search for a straight forward girl. Women want their men to be caring and protective but at the same time liberal and passionate.

To impress any woman, men have to be charming, ambitious, self confident, well built and have the capacities to understand her despite her indirect ways of expressing herself. The major deal for the men grows when his better half wants him to change as per her wish. She expects this as she can mold herself in the way her partner wishes her to be. This, demanded change is most of the time considered in a negative manner as men don’t like change. But in fact all she wanst is a balanced relationship and a mutual understanding in it.

Women have an innate sense of picking out leaders form a group. To pull this off, men have to work on their alpha personality. They have to make themselves look more valuable.Women don’t want men to worship them and that’s the reason they reject the proposals of their admirers. All men have to do is to be down to earth, but at the same time make themselves stand out in the crowd. They have to be good, both in and out of beds. Women love to love those men who are good money managers and honest about their whereabouts.

Although with all these facts a man can understand a woman, but as Oscar Wilde had said “Woman are made to be loved, not understood".


The most beautiful time in a women’s life is pregnancy. She gets herself pampered and loved. All this care helps in putting on weight. After the delivery of the child, a woman starts to bother about getting a flat tummy and lose the extra kilos.
The best way to lose those flabs is by breastfeeding. There is a myth that breastfeeding stimulates the fat deposition, but it’s totally wrong. A woman can lose up to 500 calories in a day by breastfeeding. Women in a postnatal stage should try to continue it as long as they can because it’s equally helpful for both, child and mother for their fitness.

Most of the women tend to engage themselves in some diet restrictive weight loss programs during the early days of motherhood, but that’s not ideal.  After pregnancy the body needs nutrition and additional energy. A balanced diet meal and snacks, without too much fat or sugar should be taken, ranging from breads, pasta, cereals, rice, vegetables, legumes and fruits to cheese, milk, yogurt, lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds. Never ever skip meals, instead of that eat frequently. Divide food regime into small meals throughout the day. At least 10 glasses of water should be taken every day. Never confuse the thirst pangs with hungry pangs. Avoid snacking or over eating. Get enough sleep as it regulates the hormones that control the appetite.

After a birth to a child, the body needs time to recover. Normally a woman can start exercising after 6 weeks, but in a case of cesarean it might take a bit longer. Never indulge in any kind of heavy exercises as it can cause vaginal bleeding (lochia) or turn bright red. Gentle exercise including pelvic floor exercises and lower tummy muscles curls, accompanied with Kegel exercises are the best things to start with. All this will also help with evading bladder problems. If the mother is suffering from diastasis, then regular sit ups or oblique curls should be avoided. Instead of that Pelvic Tilt can be practiced. Every day try to go for a brisk walk for 10-15 minutes.

To look after the baby properly a mother needs a sound mind and body. So never forget to love your body as much as you love your baby. Stay fit!

Thursday 25 October 2012


Human trafficking can be defined as an illegal trade of human beings. This is done for commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor  or surrogacy or for the removal of organs or tissues or ova.

The Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children was adopted by the United Nations in Palermo, Italy in 2000, and is an international legal agreement attached to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime. It is also referred as Trafficking Protocol. The Trafficking Protocol was put into action from 25 December 2003. By June 2010, it had been ratified by 117 countries and 137 parties but India didn’t ratify it.

In India women are trafficked to different part of the country and to abroad also. They are bought and sold with impunity. This trafficking of women and children violates the human rights, women's rights and individual’s rights to life, dignity, security, privacy, health, education and redressal of grievances.

The trafficked individuals are traumatized by what they have experienced. Malevolence and helplessness becomes main characteristic of the mental and emotional state of the survivors. In our Indian society girls are made to bear the obligation of upholding the family honour through their sexual chastity and this prevalent morality puts an additional stress to the girl. All this leads to post-traumatic stress disorder, depressive disorder, dissociative disorders and psychotic disorders.

It was published in Statesman that around 2 million children are abused and forced into prostitution every year in India. An NGO called End Children’s Prostitution in Asian Tourism reported a data that among 2 million prostitutes in India, 20 per cent among them are minors.Sometimes women voluntarily get them involved in this. The main factor responsible, for this kind of act, is the desperate socio-economic condition of the women. To get a financial security women tend to fall in the trap of the traffickers.

To curb these crimes against women, government of India has taken the steps through a detail prosecution, protection and prevention. Through the Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act (ITPA) penalties are ranging from seven years’ to life imprisonment. The affected individuals are sent to rehabilitation by the government.  


A voluntary organization working for women empowerment was established in 1979 by a group of young activists under the motivation of Brother Gaston Dayanand at Bhangar, District South 24 Parganas, West Bengal. It started with 2 members and within 2 decades more than 700 workers and volunteers got involved in implementing the multi-faceted activities of the organization. SHIS had commenced their journey in tea stall where the first clinic was founded and their main focus was about tuberculosis. They had made a remarkable growth and further diversification in socio-economic, health, education & self-sustained community development in the recent years. M. A. Wohab and Sabitry Pal along with Brother Gaston Dayanand and Dominique Lapierre (the key people of the organization) have succored the needy through tuberculosis control program, eye care, sanitation, arsenic free pure drinking water, mother and child care, Herbal Plantation, Micro Credit Facilities, education, providing aids to the deprived ones, women empowerment, rehabilitating criminals, pollution and environment, disaster management and others.
Today SHIS is expanded to 36 blocks of West Bengal, which includes 2463 villages and 10.5 million populations. Their main action areas are Uttar Dinajpur, Dakshin Dinajpur, Coochbehar, North 24 Parganas, South 24 Parganas, Murshidabad, Jalpaiguri, Malda, Birbhum and Nadia.
As per the organization, their vision is to:-
  • Build a value oriented sustainable society
  • Envisage a society free from evils of poverty, illiteracy, social injustice, and class or creed difference.
  • Tackling poverty not just economically, but socially too. 
  •  Education and social awareness.
  • Reaching the unreached ones.
  • People's participation.
  • Women as central figure in programs.

    To achieve their visions different activities are performed by them. Some of them are formations of a self help group, whose main focus is on women’s rights awareness and micro credit projects; Mobile Health Care Service; Mobile Boat Dispensary; Reproductive and child health Programs; Girls Academy for unprivileged ; Institutional delivery centers and Community health worker training centers.

    These noble acts of the organization were not over looked by the government. They were  awarded with "24 Ghanta Anonya Sanmaan 1418" on 27th August 2012, Indira Gandhi Seva Ratna Award  2012, Begum Rokea Award 2011,Asia Pacific Excellence on 21 May 2011 in service to mankind, "Unsung Heroes of Compassion, 2009" in San Francisco, in April 2009 and a lot more.

    With such a magnanimous effort of SHIS a refurbished countryside of West Bengal would be an exquisite acclimation.

Wednesday 24 October 2012


It is said that you can judge a person by the shoe they wear. Gone are those days where shoes for women are considered only in terms of mere comfort. In these few decades, women have evolved a lot. A high heel to attain a taller look only, is an antiquity. Women plunging into fashion magazines and designer collections as their indigence, know how to build their shoe wardrobe. Fashion being their world, they have become the trend makers. This emphatic gesture of them outlawed the limitation of glamour, only to fashion houses, film industry or high class people.
Walking on heels that suit the dress, body structure and day to day routine of a woman, make a woman look classy. It has become a fashion statement to wear a higher heel. Heels define women, from funky to elegant or from vibrant to reserve.Most of the women wear them because of personal preference, while others do to make their legs look taller. Ranging from kitten heels to suede stiletto heels as formals; ruffled peep-toe heels to studded sling back platform heels for parties andembroidered flower booties to lace-up suede platform for vacation, conquer their wardrobes.
At hangouts, girls wearing a dressy shoe with a funky pattern, like alligator skin, paired with a simple blouse and neutral trousers or jeans; cocktail parties, gushing with matured women in closed-toe, open-toe, or strappy heels; a bossy round on three inches brown and black leather shoe at the office corridor or a clicking entry into a meeting; or a glossy looks complemented by a golden Serra Spike Curved Heel Wedges or a red Yamila02 Strappy Rhinestone High Heels, add a flamboyance in their personality and make them stand out among a crowd. Kurt Geiger platforms or chunkier platform heeled boots are always making a way through in the minds of adventurous ladies.
An art of perfectly accessorizing and accenting oneself with a pair of extremely stunning - high heels, imaginative designs, and brilliant shoe silhouettes, is now mastered by all women. We can see women going bonkers on trendy footwear or exploring the complement quotient, in most of the showrooms. They like to swagger their wardrobe, with outfits matching their shoes. So by overcoming all the wobbling and sprains, we welcome you to an era of Miss long legs.

Thursday 18 October 2012


Who are beautiful? Can beauty be defined? What’s the secret lies between being beautiful or not?
Most of the women in our society crave for a gorgeous look. But that doesn’t make them beautiful. Beauty lies within you. It can solely be achieved through enlightenment, self realization and confidence. Due to the chronicles of aggravation faced by women for ages, they have clandestine themselves. They feel neglected and unworthy. They are always considered the weaker section of the society. But, what’s the reason behind it? Can we accuse any single section of our society for this wretched condition of women? No, we can’t. In this male dominated society it’s the responsibility of a woman to make her existence worthy.

A spiritual development and growth of mind can only bring change in her state. She must know that in the eyes all almighty we all are equal. We are also bestowed by a beautiful life and we must respect it. The Almighty has given us a blessing, i.e., the capacity to bring a life on earth. We are the consoler. We give shelter to the needy in our heart and pamper them with passion and love. We are rewarded with the power of tolerance. Aren't all these reasons enough to make us feel special?

If any of us feel like comparing, then she might be taking a wrong turn. We balance the nature. We complete each other by being each other’s better halves. If men possess physical strength, then women have mental strength. In the court of almighty the judgment is fair. We are, equally rewarded for the good deeds and punished for the bad ones. There is no biasness in the eyes of God, so who are we to create one in our mind. Wrong things do happen in every bodies life, but that doesn't mean we should stop living or believing the facts. If required we have to earn our self respect back. We must believe in ourselves. If nobody is there, we need to boost up our confidence by self appreciation. We need to be confident and strong in every sector of our life.

We must regard ourselves unique before we dig into the eyes, souls and minds of others for it. Every person in this world is extraordinary. Then again, to notice it we must own an insight. It’s easy to accept bereavement, but hard to struggle for it. We should be glad to be a woman. It’s a prerequisite to admire this lovely creation of God.

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Tuesday 16 October 2012



Today I got my final result. I rushed home to share it with my parents. I flung the door open and shouted "Ma I got 68%, the treat should be biryani". But she looked embarrassed by my behavior and dragged me to the bedroom, dressed me up with a green sari and handed me a plate full of pakoras and 5 cups of tea. Before I could say anything, she escorted me to the drawing room where my baba (father) was having a discussion with 4 unknown people in a very obliged tone. Ma (mother) pushed me to offer the pakoras and tea to them. Then, they started asking me different questions about my likes and dislikes. Before I could understand anything, they congratulated us and each other and left the house.

My marriage got fixed and was scheduled on 19th of November. The whole house started buzzing with people. My ears heard their hum, but couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. In all this, I remained silent. I tried to shout at a top of my voice that I don't want to marry now. I had my career to build. I had my dreams waiting for me, to get fulfilled. But I felt my voice choked. I stood in the middle and remained dumb. I could only see the glittering eyes of my parents. I dropped a tear and said "Here start my journey of sacrifices".
[In our typical Indian society, parents think that marriage of their little girl is the most important thing. It’s a responsibility, which every girl parents’ grant as a sole requirement of her. Career building is always optional, if the girls’ in-laws allow her.]

Days turned into months and I got married. My father-in-law got a transportation business and my husband Rahul, is a custom officer. They earn more than enough for the family. There was no need of any lady member of the family to go out for any job. But it was not about having a job. It was all about my career, identity and existence. I did my M.A. in geology not just to cook food. I couldn’t  be like my mother-in-law, who sacrificed her teaching career as a geography teacher in KVs for the family. Days passed by and the urge to build my career made me impatient. My daily household work was monotonous to me.
[Most of the women after marriage get so busy in learning the house-hold works, adapting the family customs, updating the knowledge about their husband and in-laws choices, they keep forgetting their dreams]

t was Saturday night. My mother-in-law was teaching me how to cook chicken razzela. She was giving me tips how to manage the house. I suddenly popped the question to her, "Majhi, in all these years, you never felt to build your career?" She became stunt and after few seconds looked at me. Her eyes said everything. But that day it was like nobody can stop me to speak out my feelings. I said, "I want to build my career. I got an offer of project assistant in GSI. They will be paying me 12000/- per month. Can I do it?" She was silent. I completed marinating the chicken and kept it aside. She told me to leave it for the night. We all had our dinner. She asked me to bring the desert. I was alone in the kitchen with questions pumping into my head. Would I be allowed to pursue my career? Was she upset with me? Did every woman have to scarify their dreams after marriage? Was there no professional future for any women? I served the desert. Suddenly my father-in-law stood up and hugged me. I stood there confused. With a smiling face he said, "Beta you are like a daughter to us. You can do whatever you like. Go ahead and build your career, we all are there with you." I was overwhelmed. Tears rolled down from my ears. I didn’t know what she had said or how she did it, but I was really happy.
[An educated woman, as an in-law in a family, plays a vital role. They can understand the urge, to build a career, by the young female members of the family. It leads to women empowerment in India]

I went to sleep and waited for the morning. I prayed and thanked to god in whatever possible ways. I knew it would be hard for me to manage both my family and work, but it was not impossible. I felt blessed to have such in-laws as I know a lot of women have to sacrifice their dreams after marriage. In this male dominated world it was always tough for a married woman to go ahead with their career. Different responsibilities come upon them. It takes years to adjust and get accustomed with the in-laws. And, with these years passing by their dreams fades too. These thoughts kept buzzing in my head and I didn't know when I was asleep.

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Self-defense is a counter act to defend oneself from any harm. It’s one of the best weapons of a woman in this world, against violence. It can also help, to curb crime against womenSelf defense is basically of two types- mainly physical and verbal.

Physical self defense is an act where one’s physical force or physique  is used to counter an immediate threat of violence. It can be armed or unarmed. The most of the unarmed measures mostly include martial art techniques. You have to know your body well and use it in need.You have know how to avoid a punch or kick or hand locks or dogging the opponent attacks. The armed measures mainly involve, use of small knife, tactical flashlight, tactical pen, pepper spray, stun gun, or a small impact weapon on the attacker. But if you don’t poses them, you can use, some of your daily usable stuffs, as your weapon, like aerosol sprays(deodorants) or stones and sticks or a bat, utensils and vases (if attacked at home).

Your wit, presence of mind and common sense play a important role in self defense. Rising the volume of your voice against the people tries to be harass you (sharp and loud shirk);or use of some strong and bold words like no-go away; or addressing someone suddenly as thief, can shock the attacker. You can also tackle the situation by playing with your words (all the attackers might not be an unknown person for you or can he more powerful than you). You can divert the topic of the attacker to a less interesting one to him or by accepting the proposals at that moment you can manage to flee from the place, so that, you are safe to protest against it later. All the above are the act of de-escalation (kind of verbal self defense) and avoidance.

We know it's easy to say, but hard to implement. At a situation of stress, pressure and fear, it's tough to keep the calm and act accordingly. But you can prepare yourself with help of different self defense classes. You can know where these self defense classes take place f
rom your local clubs, government firms or school authorities. They will teach you to defend yourself and will also help you in practicing it. It's more like solving sample papers, before you fall in a place, to give the exam. Thus, it will help you morally, to be prepared, for most of the likely conditions.

We all pray to god that we never have to face such a situation in our life. But if in future we ever come across such a situation, then we must know that we are not alone. Our laws are with us, who gives us the right to carry instruments of self defense or take any legal action on the attacker. We can also protect ourselves, by using simple gadgets, like home security system, armored car or a guard dog. We must remember that, over doing of any defensive act or fighting, is not considered, as an act of self defense and is not supported by the law too. Always try to have a sharp ear for the incoming footsteps of any 
pervert. All this may lead you to an empowerment of womenSo, live well and live safe. 

Saturday 13 October 2012


Reservation for women in government jobs and democratic institutions like legislative assemblies and Parliament has been a hot topic for debate since ages. Though often reservation is a populist policy of a government but still there is the necessity to discuss the rationale behind such policy.

The current status of women as compared to that of men in our society is not at all satisfactory. Providing reservation to women can be a medium of offering opportunities to them but in the mean while it may risk building an acute sense of positive discrimination and an inferiority complex in them, like identifying them as the paralyzed section of the society who need support to survive in this competitive world.

Many political parties try to solve this issue of inequality between the genders by the help of reservation but there are many complex reasons for the disappointing socio, political & economical profile of Indian women in the society which cannot be resolved only by the help of reservation for women. Although reservation quota for women will increase the number of women in schools, colleges or offices.This gradual change of attitude towards women can be a boon for those women having potential but lacking in proper opportunities.

A very common question which arises is that was women's position in the society always like this? No, it was not; because in the Vedic period women used to hold a very high place. But for centuries Indian society has been a male dominated one and this era is believed to have started in later Vedic period and its condition worsened by the medieval period.

In spite of the fact that India is a developing country but it’s very upsetting to view the low development and involvement ratio of women in different sectors of national activity. Thus the reservation policy for empowerment of women, can only be a temporary relief but to eradicate the inequality between the genders, broader and stronger political, social and economic policies are required.