Wednesday 28 November 2012


We all love our family. Our siblings were our best partner or best friend during our early childhood. But, we tend to replace them as we start moving out and mingle with the world (whether school or college or office). We start to understand things and during any argument try to draw attention toward the age-old mistakes done by our sisters or brothers. Although from the core of our heart we love, care and want to improve our relationship with our siblings. However, we don’t find any way to do so. So, here are some preferred guidelines that can make a difference.

The old quarrels, misunderstandings, or misdeeds can keep you suffocated under your own frustration. Remember anger can only hurt you. Try not to accuse your siblings for their early mischief. Take a conscious effort to forget and forgive those deeds and soon you will find them washed out of your head. Past can be a nice place to troll but not to dwell. Thus, leave the past and move forward.

We don’t speak rubbish to our friends and don’t expect anyone to say so to us, then why there should be an exception for our siblings. Mind your manner whenever you speak. Though that doesn't mean you have to behave formally with you sisters or brothers, but try to be polite and avoid petty comments.

Spending time together improves any relationship and a sibling relationship is not an odd man out. Make it sure that you visit all the parties thrown by your family and siblings. At-least have a meal together if all of you stay in one house. Go out for a vacation with them. Text or call them and try to have a good interactions in their social networking pages. Find out the common things about both of you and go ahead to do those stuffs together. Make a list of things they like and use them as a healthy weapon to win their heart or to choose a perfect present to gift them (there is need of any occasion).

Poking your nose in other’s matters will give a bad impression about your self-dignity and self-control. Give them their space and respect their privacy.  If you feel something is wrong, then with all the possible reasons explain them the consequences, later; when both of you are alone. Two persons always have different opinions on different topics, so try to be open-minded and be a patient listener.

We sometimes feel jealous about other so good sibling relationship, but it’s never late to take the first step to improve yours.  Being nice and still protecting your self-respect can be the key to your success. We all know that at the bottom of our heart we love our little devils (sisters and brothers).

Tuesday 27 November 2012


Our teeth give the structure to our face. Losing them might turn into a nightmare for us. Brushing flossing, seeing our dentist once in 6 months are the basic things we need to follow. Moreover, the reasons why all these are needed to be done, their proper procedure and their utter necessities are mentioned below:
Brushing twice a day is very important. We must do it to avoid any kind of bacterial germ build up from the left over of food in our mouth. We should brush for at least two minutes. It is said that 2 minute time can be enough for us to get rid of our tooth plaques. One should gently brush the head slowly in back-and-forth motions all over the outside top teeth, inside top, outside bottom and inside bottom for 30 seconds, each.  Do not put excess pressure as it may hurt your gums. Do a gentle massage over the gums and soft brush to clean your tongue to avoid bad breath. Change your brush after every 3 months.
Flossing helps you to clean your teeth fully; else, it will remain 40% clean. According to the dentist, flossing prevents tooth decay and periodontal diseases. Take care that the floss passes barely between the teeth and gently touches the gums. Thicker or waxed varieties should be preferred. Never jam them between your teeth as they may make your gums bleed.
Don’t use your teeth to open a bottle, or any tightly packed container. Stay away from foods that can stain. Some of the staining food items are blueberries, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, tomato sauce, red wine, coffee, tea, and grape juice. Drink water to flush away the stains immediately after consuming such foods. Celery, carrots, apples, broccoli, lettuce, and spinach help in whitening your teeth, or providing a protective layer over it. So, make a habit of having them as often as you can.
If your gums are bleeding or you see plaques deposited in the inner side of your teeth or you see a swollen gum, visit a dentist immediately. These may be the signs of a serious oral disease. Take a routine check up after every 6 month to ensure your oral health. Maintain a proper posture to correct your jaw alignment. Touch your teeth while eating to prevent their clenching during your sleep.
Keep smiling.

Thursday 22 November 2012


Eyebrows define your face.  The most preferred eyebrow style, high-arched, is always not the ideal choice. Different face shapes look good in different shapes of eyebrows. It’s very important to choose the perfect eyebrow shape to achieve the best eye makeup while preparing yourself, whether for a party or office or hanging out with friends or just to get a perfect look.
There are different kinds of face structures. Most common of them are square face, round face, oval face, long face and heart shaped face. Choosing the best brows can be challenging. So, here are some tips to get an appropriate brow that will look young and polished on your face:
There are two types of square faces. One is the normal one and other is the long one. A moderately thick brow with a subtle arch suits both of the shapes well. This will make your forehead look wide and will also balance the proportion of your face. Try to avoid a high arc brow. It will look overpowering and will give an eye up look instead of eye out.
Round face beauties can feel blessed, as they have the flexibility of experimenting with their brows. But, it’s best to go with slim medium arch brow shape for all the round and round square faced ladies. It will help your face to thin out. It’s up to you that how skinny you want your brows to look. You can go for different thickness and find out what suits you the best.
According to the face proportions, an oval face lady can opt for the all time favorite, coveted high eyebrow.  Thinner high arches are really an attention-grabbing element. So, this power bro will definitely give you a pro look.
Long and long heart faces are always considered regal and elegant. To divert the attention from the ups and downs of the face, all those elegant faced ladies can go for a straight, medium thick brow with a very subtle arch. This will draw the eye-catch outwards and will give a flamboyance to your beauty. Never try a too arched or a curvy brow, as you won’t like a perma-surprised look.

Monday 19 November 2012


Life is all about knowing each other well and loving each other more, day by day. It sounds perfect but, the truth is bit different. The word perfect doesn't exist in a relationships. Nobody is flawless. Men and women have different views, needs and priorities. We all have our differences and that’s what makes us unique. But, sometimes these differences become hard to handle. It will be unwise to overlook the matter rather than clearing and accepting it. Whenever we tend to fall in hard times, we are feed with different opinions and various ways to tackle them, in turn the situation gets worse. And, some chronological ideas which can make a relationship tumble more are always on the run. So, I figured out some common myths about any relationship problem. Out of them, the most common two are stated below:
Make your life an open book to your life partner, seems to be the foremost choice of every couple, either being hooked up for an arranged marriage or starting a love relationship. But, before you do so, give a second thought to it. It can turn thing negatively, as everybody got a different outlook. It may create misunderstandings. Your words can get mis-interrupted.  You may reveal something that your partner can’t handle and realize later that those things would have been best kept secret. Think before you speak. Judge your partner’s mentality and then, open chapters of your life that he is more likely to accept.
Bottling up your emotions will create an unknown distance between couples. But, it won’t work most of the time. When the fire is up its not smart enough to put your finger in it or add some ghee to it. Keep patience. It’s the only way to achieve a successful relationship. If you tend to pour out your emotions while your partner is not in a mental state to accept it; it will only lead to unheard cries , as s/he is same as you. Let everything calm down and then clarify all the issues with a cool head.
Happily ever after is easy in fairy tales but, hard in real life and sometimes impossible. Act wise and complement each other. In that way you might get lucky to build the so-called perfect relationship.

Friday 16 November 2012


Most of the parents are conscious about the outside world. They make their babies aware of all the strangers, by warning them, not to talk to them, or walk with them, or have any eatables from them, or accept any gifts. But, according to the research conducted by BROSDI, a child gets abused mostly by someone they know. It can be a family member, an adult the family trusts or, sometimes by another child.

If any parent want to protect their child, it’s very necessary to talk with your child regarding sexual abuse. It may be tough for them but, it’s required for your child’s safety. If possible start updating about the facts as early as on age of 3 or 4. You should give them the knowledge about inappropriate touching. Tell them to report it to you, irrespective of the person who have done it; whether by a family member, teacher, coach, youth group leader or another child. Make then understand the difference between right and wrong and the necessity of reporting the wrong.

“No” or “Get away” or “Help” are the words that you must teach your child to use, whenever she is attacked. Tell them that if ever anything like this happens, it’s not their fault. Keep your communication level good and build the confidence of trust with her. Keep a close look on your child’s behavior, if you find anything unusual, dig the reason out. Make them feel safe. Encourage them to speak out their heart. Associate 2 or 3 trust worthy members of your family to speak with her and tell them to help her out to stay and feel safe. Don’t let your child be exposed to any sexually explicit materials.

Ask for help whenever you suspect any abuse, immediately. You can contact your local police department, or local rape crisis center, or child protective services or BROSDI

To lift up the confidence,  BROSDI says,“The best thing you can do for a child who has been abused is to get the child professional help right away,” and they are always there to help.
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Wednesday 14 November 2012


A Woman always crave to become more fashionable or trendy. In the way to do so they tend to end up buying the style magazines, for the updates and fashion advises. They take it on a monthly basis or on a weekly basis. Book an amount of money from the budget plan for this. But, have you all, beautiful ladies, ever given a thought that whether all these magazines are worth buying or not.
If you can’t reason your act  well, then it can be a useless expenditure and a waste of time. Buy a fashion magazine only, if you are on budget. Never hesitate to examine any style magazine before buying it. Go through the content list and a rough look on its contents. It can happen that you want something different and end up buying something else. There are different types of fashion ranging from modern style trends, 80's fashion trends to Gothic fashion trends, and so forth. look out for your type of fashion in the magazines. Check, whether it has any valuable information or only filled with advertisements. Be specific about your flavor. If you want any fashion tips or beauty tips, there are far better ways to get them. An internet connection can work as a miracle. There are vast numbers of online fashion publications and they offer a variety of options. And, the best part is, most of them are free of cost.
There are some common mistakes that people tend to do, is thinking, bigger the better. But, believe me, it is a bad notion. You can end up buying a larger magazine with no quality information in it. Try on, some small ones, as it says, good things do come in small packages. Check out if the magazine has more than 1-2 articles of your need, else it will be a total waste of money. Consult your friends and family member before selecting; they might suggest you well.
No doubt, fashion magazines are a great source for everything related to today’s trend but, there are cheaper way to acquire that knowledge like through internet, television and informational fashion shows. If you really need a style magazine, go buy it but, if it’s for just because, rethink your decision.

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Wednesday 7 November 2012


“Nobody is perfect in this world. We all are unique because of our diverse, so never compare you to others. We all are beautiful in different ways.”
These were motivating lines my mother whispered in my years while I was a teenager  fighting with pimples and fat layers. I realized that everything is seasonal. If you take due care, it will only hurt for a while but, the future will be smooth. All this might sound emotional, nostalgic and boring. Its ok, it happens. At first, I too didn’t get what my mother wanted to convey. So, let me explain.
Most of the women get uncomfortable because of their flaws. But, what flaw is? Is it the fat on your abdomen, or your blemishes on face, or your fuller lip? Flaws are those things that make you different from others. Flaws define you. It makes you stand out in the crowd.
Never compare yourself to others. You can’t look like Kareena Kapoor or Katrina Kaif. But, the better part is they can’t look like you too. If you keep on comparing yourself, you will end up envying what you can’t have and will never acknowledge what you have got.
Love the person who you are. Imagine a world without flaws, you will find all similar faces and no specialties. If you are trying to change yourself or your originality by different methods that means you are trying to copy others. And, that’s not fair. Celebrate your individuality.
Stop running after those things which you can’t have but, rather act on those issues which are in your hand. If you have a dark complexion then, don’t run to fair it up, rather take care of your skin and make it glowing. Remember a healthy dark skin is appreciated more than an unhealthy fair skin. You can’t have a hour glass figure but, you can lose those extra flab. Go for a gym work out or aerobic exercises. Have healthy and balanced food. It will help you build a good physique. I believe, by being a supper skinny, you don’t want to faint under the pressure of your household or office work.
Cherish the person who you are. Start loving your mirror reflection. Feel beautiful, to look beautiful.

Thursday 1 November 2012


Marriages are made in Heaven. The most common words said by any parents to their daughters. But, how to know, which guy can be the perfect mate for you or with whom you can live happily ever after. If you are not in love or your intuitions are not guiding, then there are a few steps with which you can choose a better person for you.

It is always better to choose a partner with similar temperaments. Much research had been conducted where it’s prescribed to identify the compatibility of the couples with the help of following characteristics: Extroversion, Neuroticism, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Openness, Positive emotions, Negative emotions, Avoidance, Anxiety, Fearful–secure, Negativity of the self-model, Negativity of the other-model, Dismissing–preoccupied, Ego-resiliency and Dis-inhibition.

Two people can feel attracted to each other because of instinct, infatuation, love or just plain physical attraction. But that won’t resolve the problem because, love doesn't feed you. Before selecting a partner always try to think practically. Think of the most common issues that may arrive after your marriage. Let’s start with the finance. You are not asked to marry a millionaire, but a financially stable person must always be preferred. Select what are the things you would like to have in your life partner. Go for various dates more than once to know them better. Breaking a date is better than breaking a marriage. If you don’t like something about him, say it and see if he rectifies it or not. If he can’t adjust now, he won’t in the future. Never imagine your partner to change after marriage.

If you are a non-working woman then it won’t be tough for you to manage all the household works in a whole day, but if you are a working woman and don’t want to quit your career, then the scenario would be very different. You must resolve all those issues which may appear if you go out, to work. Try to talk out and divide the way the house will run, ranging from daily cooking and cleaning to washing and diving finances. If he is not willing to give you a hand in the house hold works, then the relationship might need a second thought. Go for a person with sound health as you will never want to marry a feeble guy and do all the pushing and pulling all by yourself or spend most of the day remembering his doctor's appointments and medicine names.

A marriage doesn't end between the individuals. Go for a family outing to see how well he blends with your parents or other family members. Have an ice-cream party with the neighborhood kids and see how comfortable he is with the kids. As you have to justify how well he will be the father of your future children or how can he act more like a son than son-in-law. Try to check out his friends, as we know birds of the same feather flocks together. You don’t have to go spying around him, but try to mingle with his fellows, in that way you can know him and his habits better. I believe you won’t feel like marrying a guy who is alcoholic or always gets a weak knee whenever a girl with short clothes passes by or a person with bad mouth.

Nobody beholds the future, but with a little bit of precautions and an extra research on your future spouse like their likes, dislikes, desires and goals for his future, may turn your current date to the would-be  prince charming of your life. 


The kitchen is the place where almost all women spend their most of the time. A functional and beautiful kitchen is what women crave for. The kitchen is the heart of the house. It’s the production section; therefore it’s really important that you keep it clean, as you won’t like any strange bacteria lurking around in your food. Organize your kitchen well. A clumsy kitchen will probably be the reason for your dining out and putting on those extra calories.

Arrange everything well. Sort out the things that you use almost every day and those that you haven’t used in years. Sell out the unused ones. Categorize your kitchen stuffs into cooking equipment, backing equipment, bakeware, cookware, appliances, knives and cutting board, cutlery  serving ware, glass and stem ware, paper and linens, storage equipment and cleaning equipment. Then, try to place them accordingly in their allotted spaces for easy usage.

A well lit kitchen always brightens up your mood. Make sure that your kitchen has a nice window from where fresh air and light can refresh it up. You can colour out your kitchen with a combination of warm a cool colours. It will add an extra vibrancy to the room. Try to avoid bulky coverings, both for windows and cabinets. Get a medium size sink along with a trash cabinet below it. It will make your kitchen look less messy. Replace all the heavy and grumpy looking containers with light weighted transparent one and level them (if you wish). After every use, wipe down your counters, stove top and cooking area. Take due care about all the cleaning equipment. Try to clean them on alternative days.

Go ahead and manage the wall space of your kitchen. A roof attached cabinet will make your room look smaller, try to avoid it. Instead, you can go for kitchen drawers. They are flexible and voluminous. Go for a 24” refrigerator and a 20 lit microwave. It will work out your purpose and will also consume less space.  Put your unprocessed foods together. Keep them away from any processed junk foods. Place a large bowl filled with fresh fruits near your blender. Take an extra emphasis to keep your refrigerator clean. Use different shelves for your uncooked poultry and fresh veggies. Try to plan your weakly meal according to the availability of the items. If possible put some motivational quotes on a healthy diet or a diet chart or cut of a fitness model. Believe me visualizing good habits help in actually practicing them.

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