Friday 7 December 2012


"Whether love is all you need or you're Miss Independent, being in love is a whole new world with every relationship. You might be in a passionate affair or a friends-for-life 30-year marriage, but understanding the kind of love you’re in-or used to be in-will help you live happily ever after. The type of love you're in differs between relationships and even different times in your life. Still, you may be more prone to one type of love or another, but a PASSIONATE and SELFLESS one is what girls dreamed of. So, here is a quick preview on how it looks or feels like or how we are benefited by such love.
Passionate in love:
This is the classic romantic love we imagine when we think of a hunk like Wolverine (or, if you want to be old-school, Prince Charming) sweeping us up in his arms. It's intensely satisfying, an emotional and physical tornado that grabs you and whisks you away. While passionate couples might mellow out and become more affectionate over time, they still value strong chemistry and a sense that they were meant to be. Think about “Titanic," where Jack and Rose have a whirlwind romance and vow to never let go.
Passionate lovers bonded by love marriage, tend to have a secure attachment style, meaning that they feel confident and comfortable in relationships. This turns out to be their biggest asset. But, the most challenging things may be balancing the intensity of your love affairs with the other relationships in your life. A rush of love gives you more energy and focus, so you smile more and talk with a higher voice pitch, which makes you more attractive. You even have brighter eyes, rosier cheeks, smoother skin, and fuller lips. All these add up to your beauty.
Selfless in love:
Selfless lovers would do anything for love. Their partners come first no matter how big the sacrifice and they spend more time focusing on what they can give than what they want to get. Their connection is more spiritual than sexual—soul mates to the nth degree. It can be like the movie "The Princess Bride," where Westley nearly dies saving Buttercup and only true love keeps his heart beating. Such relationships can be enormously fulfilling and offer you a great sense of purpose. Although within this while giving everything to another person, you can easily forget that sometimes you need attention too.
Anything too much can hurt. So, here are some ideas, how to balance your love-and life-and surrounding. Because any mess can affect your well-being. Try out these steps along with your love to lead a healthy life:
Give your friends some face time:
Passionate lovers are easily swept away in a flurry of sheets and hours of intense conversation. With all that energy focused on your partner, it's easy to forget that you do have some friends who want to see you too. Plan a girls' night or a coffee date to make sure they still know you care about them. (After all, you will need someone to give you a Kleenex and a hug if you do break up one day.)
Pursue your own interests:
Especially at the beginning of a relationship, passionate couples might want to spend all their time together. Part of keeping passion running high is having a life outside your relationship that you can share with each other.
Show love during fights:
With passions running high, you and your life partner may find yourself in a fair number of fights. Fighting won't harm your relationship, but how you fight does matter. Make sure to focus the conversation on how you feel, listen to your partner's point of view and focus your complaints on the action that upset you, not the person.
Never Block out "self time":
Even selfless people need a little "self time"—time that's carved out for you and only you when you can do whatever your heart desires. Take a long walk, go to a movie, get a massage, get lunch with friends, attend a book club meeting, check out a museum exhibit, whatever you enjoy. You spend so much time tending to other people's needs that it's important to spend a little time addressing your own. So once a week, take some totally guilt-free, indulgent time to enjoy yourself.
Take up journaling:
For someone as other-oriented as you are, your own feelings can get lost in the mix. Journaling every day (even when you feel you have nothing to say) can be a great way to make sure you don't lose touch with your own feelings and needs. Journaling improves psychological health and has even been shown to aid weight loss, so make a habit of it and just put three pages of whatever comes to mind on the page. Writing your own thoughts each day will allow you to be more present for your partner.
Assert your own needs:
Selfless lovers may be more likely to feel that asserting their own needs is an imposition on their partner. In fact, clearly communicating what you need can improve closeness and relationship health so that nothing builds up under the surface over time. You care for your partner so well—let them care for you too sometimes. 

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