Saturday 29 December 2012


We were dresses to convey an impression of ourselves to people, but at the end of day we dress according to our moods or how we feel.  Our outfit reflects the state of our mind. How we are feeling.

When we open our closet door in the morning, we may choose clothes not according to the practical wardrobe consideration but according to our feelings. Our moods can be happy or sad. If we are happy, we tend to select cloth, which is well cut and figure enhancing. They are mostly made up of bright and beautiful fabrics. In the other hand, when we are in a bad mood we gravitate toward baggy tops and jeans, though jeans is consider a happy outfit but its rated below and taken under consideration if paired with appropriate jewelry and shoes.

Our mood gets reflected when we wear a uniform. A good is visible when a uniform is worn that got no creases and paired with bright cardigan or a fancy jacket, whereas the vice verse can be felt when a gray hoodie or a saggy sweater is worn over it.

Other than moods, dresses can reflect what we feel about ourselves. If we have a low self esteem and don’t feel good about our body, we wear clothes that hide us. We also take less effort to look presentable. A positive vibe about ourselves can make us choose more flattering and noticeable outfits. 

Changing our clothes can change our mood. Sometimes we like to use this idea or get trapped in this. So, we sometime wear our favorite outfit to boost our mood. In this way self-esteem and confidence raises up. Whereas, our mood gets darken, if we wear drab, unflattering clothes.

By applying the basic behavioral therapy of fashion application we can turn our low feeling in to a happy one. Avoiding the impulse toward clothes that reflect that bad feeling, we can go for something that we usually choose on a happy day. It’s all like having a chocolate ice cream during a heart break or a fight.

We all deserve to be happy. So, try to choose happy day clothes whenever you are selecting a outfit, irrespective of our moods.


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