Monday 19 November 2012


Life is all about knowing each other well and loving each other more, day by day. It sounds perfect but, the truth is bit different. The word perfect doesn't exist in a relationships. Nobody is flawless. Men and women have different views, needs and priorities. We all have our differences and that’s what makes us unique. But, sometimes these differences become hard to handle. It will be unwise to overlook the matter rather than clearing and accepting it. Whenever we tend to fall in hard times, we are feed with different opinions and various ways to tackle them, in turn the situation gets worse. And, some chronological ideas which can make a relationship tumble more are always on the run. So, I figured out some common myths about any relationship problem. Out of them, the most common two are stated below:
Make your life an open book to your life partner, seems to be the foremost choice of every couple, either being hooked up for an arranged marriage or starting a love relationship. But, before you do so, give a second thought to it. It can turn thing negatively, as everybody got a different outlook. It may create misunderstandings. Your words can get mis-interrupted.  You may reveal something that your partner can’t handle and realize later that those things would have been best kept secret. Think before you speak. Judge your partner’s mentality and then, open chapters of your life that he is more likely to accept.
Bottling up your emotions will create an unknown distance between couples. But, it won’t work most of the time. When the fire is up its not smart enough to put your finger in it or add some ghee to it. Keep patience. It’s the only way to achieve a successful relationship. If you tend to pour out your emotions while your partner is not in a mental state to accept it; it will only lead to unheard cries , as s/he is same as you. Let everything calm down and then clarify all the issues with a cool head.
Happily ever after is easy in fairy tales but, hard in real life and sometimes impossible. Act wise and complement each other. In that way you might get lucky to build the so-called perfect relationship.

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