Wednesday 28 November 2012


We all love our family. Our siblings were our best partner or best friend during our early childhood. But, we tend to replace them as we start moving out and mingle with the world (whether school or college or office). We start to understand things and during any argument try to draw attention toward the age-old mistakes done by our sisters or brothers. Although from the core of our heart we love, care and want to improve our relationship with our siblings. However, we don’t find any way to do so. So, here are some preferred guidelines that can make a difference.

The old quarrels, misunderstandings, or misdeeds can keep you suffocated under your own frustration. Remember anger can only hurt you. Try not to accuse your siblings for their early mischief. Take a conscious effort to forget and forgive those deeds and soon you will find them washed out of your head. Past can be a nice place to troll but not to dwell. Thus, leave the past and move forward.

We don’t speak rubbish to our friends and don’t expect anyone to say so to us, then why there should be an exception for our siblings. Mind your manner whenever you speak. Though that doesn't mean you have to behave formally with you sisters or brothers, but try to be polite and avoid petty comments.

Spending time together improves any relationship and a sibling relationship is not an odd man out. Make it sure that you visit all the parties thrown by your family and siblings. At-least have a meal together if all of you stay in one house. Go out for a vacation with them. Text or call them and try to have a good interactions in their social networking pages. Find out the common things about both of you and go ahead to do those stuffs together. Make a list of things they like and use them as a healthy weapon to win their heart or to choose a perfect present to gift them (there is need of any occasion).

Poking your nose in other’s matters will give a bad impression about your self-dignity and self-control. Give them their space and respect their privacy.  If you feel something is wrong, then with all the possible reasons explain them the consequences, later; when both of you are alone. Two persons always have different opinions on different topics, so try to be open-minded and be a patient listener.

We sometimes feel jealous about other so good sibling relationship, but it’s never late to take the first step to improve yours.  Being nice and still protecting your self-respect can be the key to your success. We all know that at the bottom of our heart we love our little devils (sisters and brothers).

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