Tuesday 27 November 2012


Our teeth give the structure to our face. Losing them might turn into a nightmare for us. Brushing flossing, seeing our dentist once in 6 months are the basic things we need to follow. Moreover, the reasons why all these are needed to be done, their proper procedure and their utter necessities are mentioned below:
Brushing twice a day is very important. We must do it to avoid any kind of bacterial germ build up from the left over of food in our mouth. We should brush for at least two minutes. It is said that 2 minute time can be enough for us to get rid of our tooth plaques. One should gently brush the head slowly in back-and-forth motions all over the outside top teeth, inside top, outside bottom and inside bottom for 30 seconds, each.  Do not put excess pressure as it may hurt your gums. Do a gentle massage over the gums and soft brush to clean your tongue to avoid bad breath. Change your brush after every 3 months.
Flossing helps you to clean your teeth fully; else, it will remain 40% clean. According to the dentist, flossing prevents tooth decay and periodontal diseases. Take care that the floss passes barely between the teeth and gently touches the gums. Thicker or waxed varieties should be preferred. Never jam them between your teeth as they may make your gums bleed.
Don’t use your teeth to open a bottle, or any tightly packed container. Stay away from foods that can stain. Some of the staining food items are blueberries, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, tomato sauce, red wine, coffee, tea, and grape juice. Drink water to flush away the stains immediately after consuming such foods. Celery, carrots, apples, broccoli, lettuce, and spinach help in whitening your teeth, or providing a protective layer over it. So, make a habit of having them as often as you can.
If your gums are bleeding or you see plaques deposited in the inner side of your teeth or you see a swollen gum, visit a dentist immediately. These may be the signs of a serious oral disease. Take a routine check up after every 6 month to ensure your oral health. Maintain a proper posture to correct your jaw alignment. Touch your teeth while eating to prevent their clenching during your sleep.
Keep smiling.

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