Thursday 22 November 2012


Eyebrows define your face.  The most preferred eyebrow style, high-arched, is always not the ideal choice. Different face shapes look good in different shapes of eyebrows. It’s very important to choose the perfect eyebrow shape to achieve the best eye makeup while preparing yourself, whether for a party or office or hanging out with friends or just to get a perfect look.
There are different kinds of face structures. Most common of them are square face, round face, oval face, long face and heart shaped face. Choosing the best brows can be challenging. So, here are some tips to get an appropriate brow that will look young and polished on your face:
There are two types of square faces. One is the normal one and other is the long one. A moderately thick brow with a subtle arch suits both of the shapes well. This will make your forehead look wide and will also balance the proportion of your face. Try to avoid a high arc brow. It will look overpowering and will give an eye up look instead of eye out.
Round face beauties can feel blessed, as they have the flexibility of experimenting with their brows. But, it’s best to go with slim medium arch brow shape for all the round and round square faced ladies. It will help your face to thin out. It’s up to you that how skinny you want your brows to look. You can go for different thickness and find out what suits you the best.
According to the face proportions, an oval face lady can opt for the all time favorite, coveted high eyebrow.  Thinner high arches are really an attention-grabbing element. So, this power bro will definitely give you a pro look.
Long and long heart faces are always considered regal and elegant. To divert the attention from the ups and downs of the face, all those elegant faced ladies can go for a straight, medium thick brow with a very subtle arch. This will draw the eye-catch outwards and will give a flamboyance to your beauty. Never try a too arched or a curvy brow, as you won’t like a perma-surprised look.

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